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Tom morgan

Since my first interview for a gym floor Personal Trainer job, I’ve always said that I want people to learn from me. The fitness industry is full of people who want their clients to be dependent on them for years (client retention is key, so they say) but that has never sat right with me.


Obviously I’m not going to start turning people away if they want ongoing programming, nutritional advice and the all important accountability, but knowledge wise I want to get you to a stage where you’re ready to go it alone as soon as we can


Getting you to a self sufficient stage where you feel that your fitness journey is impacting your life positively rather than just taking up all of your Headspace is my top priority


My philosophy


The main aim when training is progression. 


We don’t do gimmicks or fancy Instagram friendly exercises. 


What we do instead is the basics. And we do them well.


This is what allows us to not only look better, but also stay motivated pursuing goals in and outside of the gym.


Life’s too short for microwaved chicken and broccoli from a tupperware tub


When I was first starting my fitness journey, I was convinced that was the only route to getting the body i wanted. I didn’t stick with it long, I can tell you that 


My approach to dieting is a lot more flexible than that these days. With week by week updates on your nutrition targets, we can take into account your social occasions and your favourite foods to make sure your diet is something that you can enjoy


Might you have to cut down? Maybe. Might you have to track your intake? Probably. But I want you to enjoy this process, and I’ll keep that in mind.


It should go without saying that your fitness journey should enhance the rest of your life. 


It doesn’t though, unfortunately. Most people either don’t do enough to see a benefit in which case it doesn’t enhance anything. The other main group of people get so into it that it becomes their life, with very little room for anything else.


I’m not willing to let myself, or any of my clients fall into either of these camps. 


There’ll be work to do, but your life will be better because of it.


"Tom genuinely wanted to help me improve on myself and wanted to see me happy, and for that, I thank him!"


"My body shape started changing. I lost body fat, I got stronger and became more confident. Tom taught me to believe in myself"


"He is the most knowledgeable PT I have ever worked with and that is perfect when your goals change or you decide you want to focus on something differently"



Wayne -2 stone down


Amy - 3 stone down


Luke - 1 stone down

TPM Health & Fitness

If you've seen enough and you're ready to get started. Fill in the contact form here and we will book in a call. On that call we can decide if we are a good fit to work together. If we are, great! If not, I will do my best to direct you to someone who can help :)

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