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Surely there's a better way?

It’s easy to get lost in this fitness industry space these days..


Are you fed up of restrictive, short term diets and extreme workout plans?


Have you tried everything that the world of Instagram influencers and C-list celebrities have to offer?


Are you starting to think that maybe it’s all more trouble than it’s worth? 


Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult. I have that better way (it’s no secret, I’m no magician, but I can help).


My passion is helping people to incorporate proper nutrition and exercise into their lives in a way that gives them all of the benefits without it having to takeover their headspace.


You’d hope that was the intention of everyone in the industry, and there are plenty of us out here, but a lot of the mainstream guys and girls have their focus elsewhere (£££)


Sadly, how you look naked tends to be a big deal to people and that makes it the ideal thing to target for people looking to make a quick quid.



But I’m here to keep you away from those people

I can’t tell you how may people I came across in my 3 years working on the gym floor that were working so hard in the gym but getting no results, or that were starving themselves in order to look better in holiday pictures or worst yet, had paid thousands to personal trainers who had left them no wiser about how to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles.

Thankfully, the industry is moving forward.

Paying someone for an hour of help once a week is well and truly dead. Good riddance. 


What it’s being replaced by is COACHING. 


A coach is someone who helps you UNDERSTAND why you are doing what you are doing.


A coach is someone who works WITH you to make their knowledge fit your lifestyle for the best results.

A coach is someone who has an effect on you which lasts not an hour, or a week, but which will stay with you for the rest of your life

Sounds profound, doesn’t it. All I’m saying is that after working with a coach you should be in a position where you understand your basics so well that you are able to structure your diet and exercise habits for yourself without ever having to worry about nights out, holidays and the occasional whole pack of cookies in bed. 


What I’m offering here is not 5 weird tricks or try this magic exercise. It’s knowledge. Can’t ask for more than that.


With all that being said, let me just clear up who I’m not talking to..


If you:


  • Think only in terms of short term gain

  • Want to step up on a bodybuilding stage

  • Want results without any sort of effort or change

I can’t help you

There are plenty of people out their who can help with those things (or at least claim to be able to in some cases)


If on the other hand you like what you’ve read so far..

Will a 3 week ‘cleanse’ make you lose weight quicker? Yep, but you’ll be f****** starving and you’ll rebound the day it finishes


Will an uncustomised food and exercise plan from the link in that woman from The Only Way is Chelsea Island’s bio be cheaper? Almost certainly, but it’ll be useless and you won’t stick to it


Would an hour with your local PT leave you feeling like you’d worked really hard? Yep, but that doesn’t help you for the other 167 hours in the week does it?


If you’re ready for a better way, the application form is right here

If you’re not ready for a chat yet, that is fine with me. You know where to find me if you need me 

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I’m always around giving out all the free advice I can find time for


I’ll speak to you soon




P.S. If you’ve read this whole thing, I’m impressed and incredibly appreciative. If you’ve skipped to the end to attempt to get the gist of it all


  • Personal Training is done Coaching is the upgrade

  • Fitness advice to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around

  • Understanding why is vital