Do I need to have a gym membership?

Nope. If you want to get from Wolverhampton to Devon (I use this example because I really, really do) you’d be better off with a car but you can do it without. Same goes here. If you want to look your best a gym membership would help.. but we can manage without.


Do I get a meal plan?



Not even if you ask nicely


I want you to learn in your time with me and me handing out a plan to follow exactly isn’t going to cut it for me. You’ll have calorie and macro targets to hit and you’ll have a weekly check-in with me to make sure that we are getting better and better at hitting these as time goes on. 

Can you guarantee me results?

Absolutely not. There are plenty of examples on this site of people who have had life-changing results from working with me. The key there is that they ‘worked’ with me. If you put in the work you will get the results, if you don’t, I can’t help you.

What if I don't know how to perform certain exercises?

Every exercise I program for you will have a demonstration video starring yours truly for it. If you feel like you’re struggling you are more than welcome to record yourself and send it over to me so I can help you out!

Do I get recipes?


Not from me. To be honest with you I’m no chef, and in my experience most people aren’t either. Handing out recipe’s that require a lot of effort usually results in a short term boost but a long-term problem. I’m open to suggestions though!

What if I don't know how many days I can train?

I’ll ask for minimum and maximum number of days per week and I’ll plan for both and everything in between. Plus we can mix at home and in the gym workouts to keep things as flexible as possible for you.

What if I've never tracked calories before and I don't know how to get started?

I’ve got a nice handy guide that’ll walk you through the initial set up (if you ask nicely, I’ll give you this for free before you sign up). I’m here to help once you’ve done that :)

Any other questions?


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