The 14 Day Kickstart Is Designed To Get You Crystal Clear On What Your Goals Are And How You're Going To Achieve Them...

Sustainable Nutrition For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Get clear on what actually matters when it comes to diet so you can get the results you want without giving up your favourite foods and your social life.

Learn How To Build A Training Program That Fits Your Life

You don't have to be in the gym every day for hours at a time to get results. I'll cover the key aspects that you need so you can leave the rest of it behind.

Mindset & Motivation 

Motivation doesn't last, we can't rely on it at all times. I'll show you how my clients and I view mindset to make 'losing motivation' an issue of the past!

Live Coaching & Support

Along with the content that I'll be delivering to you on every day of the kickstart, you'll also have access to me via a coaching and support group where you can ask any questions you may have.

Goal Setting

I'll teach you my approach to setting goals both in the short and long term to keep you focussed and always moving forward!

6 Week Plan

At the end of the 14 days, you'll have the chance to work with me and recieve a 6 week training program, nutrition support AND 6 more weeks of content to take your knowledge, and your physique, to another level! 
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Who Am I & Why Should You listen To Me?
Hi! My name is Tom and TPM Health & Fitness is my coaching business!

I’ve been in the fitness industry as a coach for 6 years now and I’ve been training for over a decade.

In that time, I’ve seen (and made) every mistake in the book.

I’ve seen people try for years without making progress, yo-yo in and out of crazy diets, get frustrated and give up.

But I know what a good fitness journey can do for someone.

I’ve seen and experienced how transformational it can be.

So my mission is simple..

Help as many men as possible to avoid the traps and pitfalls so they can get to the good stuff..

A body they love and improved confidence, all without having to give up the foods they love or their social lives!
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