Body Image

When it comes to poor body image, it should go without saying that there’s a scale here

Some people will struggle more than others, those who struggle most should seek professional help rather than a blog by a coach

This is aimed at those who just don’t feel completely happy with the way they look

Those who let out a bit of a sigh when they catch themselves in the mirror

Those who try to stretch their t-shirts out to hide what’s underneath

This will just be one coach’s observation of the biggest thing you can do to stop fixating on what you don’t like


Sounds simplistic but hear me out

Often when we don’t like something about ourselves, we’ll head to the gym with only that in mind

“Don’t like my stomach so I’m going to do 4 sets of 5 different ab exercises or spend an hour burning off calories on a treadmill”

“Don’t like the ‘man boobs’ so I’ll do bench and press ups until I can’t move my arms”

“Don’t like my arse so it’s hip thrusts and kickbacks only until I do”

Progress is slow at the best of times, so this frustration grows with each session

My alternative to you is to pick something else and focus on that

Whether it’s getting your first pull-up

Running your first 5k

Squatting your bodyweight

Or all 3

Moving the focus of your workouts to what you CAN DO, rather than permanently focusing on how you look, is a game changer

You’ll find a few interesting things as your new pursuit starts to grow in importance to you

-You’ll WANT to eat, drink and rest to support that goal

-You’ll see physical changes without training for them

-You’ll stop thinking about what you look like all the time

My recommendation is always the barbell, because powerlifting was what did this job for me, but there’s endless ideas out there

The main thing is that you find something that excites you, dieting or exercising because you’re miserable rarely helps

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