An Introduction

Updated: Jun 3

Yes it’s true, as if I don’t spend enough time at my laptop already I have decided to take up writing a weekly (all being well) blog

How to blog from desktop

The reason for that is simple, I’m craving an outlet for longer form content

As the world heads more towards Reels and Tiktok’s I want to play my small part in the resistance against the shortening of the collective attention span

Good work should take time to produce and time to consume

In order to fully understand concepts and their application takes time, the format of that information should take that into account

Obviously with fitness being a largely visual thing online, ideally I’d be introducing you to my YouTube channel but alas, I lack the videography and editing skills to have a good crack at that

So here we are

But that’s okay

Given the license to write freely (not confined to an Instagram caption) I actually enjoy writing

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say

I look forward to kicking things off properly this time next week

Speak Soon


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