'Success Leaves Clues'

I’ll be mentioning no names in this blog

My intention is not to be all bitter towards people who are in great shape, but to help clear up the confusion that leaves people feeling lost and hopeless when it comes to their own bodies

I come across a lot of that

On to the actual topic for today..

‘Success leaves clues’

Like most overused cliche’s it does contain some truth

Also like most overused cliche’s, it’s so simple and void of any nuance that it’s a bit useless

Just something to say to make people think you’re profound and thoughtful without the ball ache of having to actually, you know, think

Because quite often, the clues that success leaves can be nothing more than a needle in a haystack

Now, as I said, I don’t want this to turn into an entire blog of me bashing other coaches

But it might, let’s see how it goes ay?

I have seen some serious shite in the last 10 years from coaches and from some of the best physiques I’ve ever seen in person

Shite form

Too much volume

Not enough intensity

Outdated nutrition approaches

Coaches having clients to the same random workout they've given to their last 8 clients in a row

In every case, they are led to believe that they know what they’re doing by 4 things

1- Great genetics

2- Intense hard work

3- Relentless consistency

4- A passion for training

Problem is, for us mere mortals, we can only effect half of those factors

Not everyone can have great genetics and not everyone can (or wants to) base their lives around training

This is where actually knowing how things work becomes important

Taking the path of least resistance, making life (and progress) as easy for you as possible

I’m not necessarily suggesting that you just go and unfollow everyone who isn’t an experienced coach, but I am saying be more wary of where you go for information

In a lot of cases you’re better off starting with nothing than following someone purely because they’re in the shape you want to be in

Success may well leave clues, but they’re quite often very well hidden

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