The Truth Isn't Sexy

Instagram is a great tool as a self employed coach

It allows me to reach so many more people than I could with any other platform

Face-to-face, email, YouTube and this blog all have their upsides, but when it comes to getting as many eyes as possible on what I have to say, Instagram is King

But, as with everything, it’s rare that anything is all good (or all bad)

The inverse to that upside is that everyone else is also using it to get as many eyes on their stuff

As a result, it can (and has, in a lot of cases) descended into thousands of coaches trying to be the funniest, sexiest and most entertaining they can be

The thinking is obviously that if you can be funnier, sexier and more entertaining than everyone else then you will earn the right to be helpful to people

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, but the issue I see is that instead of using that as a route to helping people, it’s now become the end goal

Get as many eyes on you as possible by any means necessary

If that means slagging other coaches off without every trying to help anyone yourself, so be it

If it means turning into a meme page that sells program templates and diet plans that don’t actually help people 98% of the time, so be it

If it means getting your arse out for no apparent reason, so be it

As long as they’re watching, you’re winning

But where does that leave the people who actually want and need help?

Still lost, still confused

So by all means, enjoy the rants, the memes, the sketches and skits as much as you like

I do

But when it comes time to look for help, remember that funny and sexy are not the key components of a good coach

Knowledge, compassion, patience, communication and a passion for your wellbeing. That’s what you’re looking for

Speak Soon

Tom ‘not sexy or funny but very helpful’ Morgan

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