You're So Dedicated

When it comes to fitness, something I hear from time to time is ‘you’re so dedicated’

It’s nice to hear, obviously, most of the time I just take the little pat to my ego and get on with my day

The thing is, being dedicated isn’t necessarily very high up in my personality traits in my eyes

-My screen time is horrific despite years of promising myself I’ll cut down

-I can barely work for an hour without getting distracted by something else

-I barely turned up for uni the whole time I was there

So sometimes I hear ‘you’re so dedicated’ and feel a bit.. weird? Unworthy of such a compliment maybe?

I thought unpacking what traits I believe I actually have would be a useful exercise both for me and for those who wanted to work on their own dedication levels

So here we go, what traits I believe I actually have to trick people into thinking I’m a dedicated person


This is probably the key one. I’ve been training and thinking about my diet for over 10 years now. I’ve made most of the mistakes in the book, learned how to undo them and spent 5 years passing that experience on to others.


Goes hand in hand with experience, sort of. I say sort of because there’s plenty of people who’ve been training for years and seemingly learned nothing.

A Habitual Nature

A lot of the time, the two things that prompt people to think I’m dedicated are training at the same time 4/5 days a week and eating roughly the same things every day.

To someone less habitual that might look like dedication, but to me it’s just habit. I also wake up at the same time, have roughly the same morning routine, go out for a walk at the same time, watch the same programs, read the same sort of books..

It’s just how I’m wired.

A Love For It

This is probably the key one.

Most people’s ideal 24 hours would start with a lie in and a dip in a pool on a Caribbean resort.

Mine would probably start with a strong pre workout and a training session.

The Good News

If you’ve made it this far, you may be wondering what any of this self-indulgence on my part means for you.

I think these observations are a positive thing for anyone who feels like ‘dedication’ is a struggle.

Working on dedication through grit and will power is unlikely to yield noticeable results for most people, you’re far more likely to fail than succeed.


Experience comes with time.

Knowledge can be acquired quite easily if you know where to look.

Habits can be learned by anyone (if you read nothing else this year, read Atomic Habits by James Clear).

Finally I firmly believe that anyone can develop a love for exercise, whether it’s lifting weights or something else, you just have to find the right fit.

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